Keep on Truckin' With These Grilled Cheese Recipes

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  • 2 min read October 12, 2018

A lot of people say grilled cheese is their favorite dairy food. And why not? It’s the perfect comfort food to warm up with for fall, not to mention a great meal to share with friends and family. 

To give the gift of dairy joy and comfort to New Yorkers, the Undeniably Dairy food truck will bring the farm to the big city, serving up grilled cheese sandwiches and chocolate milk in surprising places around New York on October 12 and October 13.

Attendees will enter our virtual barn and meet dairy farmers from around the country. We’re looking forward to bringing people together: It’s not often people from the biggest city in America get to meet the hard-working dairy farmers who work around the clock to bring nutritious, delicious and sustainable foods to our tables. These events will be a great opportunity to open some eyes and answer some questions about the world we live in and how we eat.

Undeniably Dairy Food Truck

Not in New York? Well, there’s no reason you can’t join in the fun from home by cooking up some grilled cheese sandwiches of your own. We’ve asked some of the regional organizations that help spread dairy’s good story to share their favorite recipes — and after seeing these, you may not want to leave the house:

Hoosier grilled cheese

The Hoosier
No surprise that this sweet sandwich comes from American Dairy Association Indiana. They love grilled cheese so much they created, where they introduce a new sandwich recipe each month — and cook it up right there on video, sharing fun facts all the way!

Southwest grilled cheese

Southwest Grilled Cheese Sandwich
From our friends out west, Dairy MAX offers up a tasty recipe that uses pepper jack or chipotle cheddar cheeses — along with a couple of chiles — to provide a little kick to your taste buds.

Cap'n Classic Grilled Cheese

The Cap’n Classic Grilled Cheese
Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin declared this a Gold Award winner in the annual Wisconsin Grilled Cheese Showdown.

Roast beef grilled cheese

Roast Beef and Grilled Onion Grilled Cheese Sandwich
The Dairy Alliance shares this hearty sandwich from the southeast, with a Parmesan-coated outside with a creamy Fontina interior.

Crazy Sriracha Grilled Cheese

Crazy Sriracha Grilled Cheese
New England Dairy & Food Council offers up a hearty sandwich recipe that’s as pretty to look at as it is tasty.

Swiss and mushroom grilled cheese

Smoked Swiss & Mushroom Grilled Cheese
Ohio food blogger NeighborFood shared this recipe with our friends at American Dairy Association Mideast, mixing in a little veggie goodness to your grilled cheese decadence.

Of course, there are infinite possibilities for how to make grilled cheese -- and here’s what one food scientist says is the best cheese to use. We expect you’ll be able to keep plenty busy until we can bring the Undeniably Dairy food truck to your neck of the woods — and maybe you can share your recipes with us. Please post your grilled cheese sandwich creations on social media using #UndeniablyDairy so we can see your masterpiece!