11 fun, easy snacks for kids

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  • 2 min read August 19, 2016

A hectic schedule of school, homework, team schedules, extracurricular activities – you name it – can be tough to keep up with.

But here’s one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about: Making sure your kids have easy access to nutritious foods on the go. Stock up with these fun, easy snack ideas for your kids from our friends at National Dairy Council - odds are you already have many of these items on hand. 

Quick and easy sips

These fun and easy beverages are packed with yummy ingredients and perfect for kids on the move

  • Rise and shine – Get a mid-morning boost with a glass of fat-free milk and sliced peaches
  • Choco-raspberry chug – blend a cup of fat-free milk with frozen raspberries and sweetened cocoa
  • Tropical smoothie – blend fresh orange slices with low-fat strawberry yogurt and ice
  • Mango mixer – enjoy a tropical treat by blending mango, plain fat-free yogurt and a splash of pineapple juice 

Fun and flavorful snacks

Pair your kids’ favorite pantry items for some quick easy snacking. These fun snack ideas are easy to whip up or pack for later

  • Graham dunk – dip a few graham crackers into a cold glass of low-fat milk
  • Salsa roll-up – roll low-fat Monterrey jack cheese into a whole-wheat tortilla and dip in salsa
  • Cheddar crunch – mix ½ cup low-fat cheddar cheese shreds with popcorn and pretzels
  • Cherry tomato crunchers – top wheat crackers with low-fat mozzarella cheese and cherry tomatoes 

“Yo” on-the-go

Take your yogurt on a road trip, to soccer practice or for an afternoon snack with these fun and creative ideas

  • Berry blast – mix fat-free blueberry yogurt with flesh blueberries or raspberries
  • Go nuts – top low-fat yogurt with a few crushed pecans and cinnamon
  • Honey fruit dip – mix fat-free yogurt with a dollop of honey for a sweet fruit dip