Everything You Need to Know About Mozzarella

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When you think mozzarella, do you picture pizza? Or sticks of crispy, breaded cheese? Maybe you see bruschetta—or all the above. Mozzarella is a versatile cheese—fresh in a caprese salad with summer tomatoes or melted into a lasagna for the perfect ooey-gooey texture and flavor.



Originally from Italy, it’s become America’s favorite cheese, and its flexibility is no doubt why. Literally, it’s flexible and stretchy! Because of its unique texture when it is warmed and stretched, mozzarella is used to make string cheese.


String cheese is just one of its snackable forms. Try slices of smoked mozzarella with your favorite cracker or alongside slices of cured meat on a charcuterie board to help those milky, buttery flavors come through.

But that’s not all. Consider the softer fresh version for your next salad—it cuts through clean with a fork and offsets walnuts just as well as arugula.   

And of course, there’s the shredded kind you can buy in bags at the grocery store for the perfect topping when grilling pizza. Speaking of pizza, here’s a little tip for something more cheese-forward: add medallions of the fresh stuff onto frozen pizza for a homemade touch.


Finally, mozzarella cheese gives keto followers one more way to use an air fryer—try this mozzarella sticks recipe.

Buon appetito!