Three Must-Try Mexican Cheeses

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  • 2 min read May 1, 2020

We love Taco Tuesdays at my home, and this year we’re pretty excited that Taco Tuesday falls on Cinco de Mayo. How cool is that? If you’d like to find the perfect Mexican cheese for tacos or want to try a new type of cheese for snack time, here are three delicious choices. Their depth of flavor will provide a new way to enjoy old favorites.

Visit your grocer or cheese monger and get started with these types of Mexican cheeses for tacos, burritos and more.

Cotija cheese on tacos


Recognized by its crumbly texture and robust, salty flavor, you might have seen it topping beans, tacos and soups.

Block Of Asadero Cheese


When shredded, this is another way to add authentic flavor to Taco Tuesday. It melts well and has a mild, milky flavor with a creamy-smooth texture. It’s the go-to Mexican cheese for quesadillas and burritos.

Oaxaca cheese


Originating in the southern Mexican state it was named for, this cheese (pronounced “wah-ha-ka”) evokes string cheese because of its similar flavor and texture. But this is a long rope wound into a ball. What is Oaxaca cheese used for? It’s a great snack, just like string cheese!