Acres and Avenues Episode 4: YouTube Star Flula Borg Visits a Farm

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  • 1 min read June 22, 2016

YouTube sensation Flula Borg spent a day befriending and dancing for hundreds of dairy cows on Lindsey Rucks’ dairy farm. Watch Acres and Avenues Episode 4 to find out what the cows thought of his moves.

German DJ, Flula Borg, immersed himself in the life and responsibilities of a Florida-based dairy farmers. Find out if he nailed it or failed it on Episode 4 of Acres and Avenues.

Meet Lindsey: Lindsey Rucks, a dairy farmer at Milking R dairy who is an expert in both caring for and showing cows.

Meet Flula: Flula is a German DJ who creates killer music mash-ups and speaks the language of cows.