Webinar: Taming the Flame—Dairy and Inflammation

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  • 1 min read August 27, 2021

National Dairy Council’s latest webinar, “Taming the Flame: Dairy and Inflammation,” helps educate health, wellness and sustainability professionals on the science behind dairy foods’ neutral to beneficial relationship with inflammation.

While social media feeds are full of suggestions to avoid dairy due to inflammation, nutrition and biomedical research does not support the claim. Inflammation is a hot topic with consumers, health professionals and nutrition scientists. Nearly half of all people who are looking to manage inflammation do so through lifestyle changes that include diet. So where does the science stand when it comes to dairy foods and inflammation?

Watch the video above for an in-depth look at the state of the science on dairy foods and inflammation, as well as strategies to manage lactose intolerance and ways to incorporate fruits, vegetables, whole grains and dairy foods into a healthy lifestyle that can help keep inflammation in check. You can also download a PDF of the slides by clicking the button on the right.

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