Webinar: Dairy Innovations for a Sustainable Future

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  • 1 min read May 7, 2021

National Dairy Council’s latest webinar, “Show Me, Don’t Tell Me. Dairy Innovations for a Sustainable Future,” features dairy farmers and innovators of all sizes and geographies discussing how they are continuously adopting new practices and technologies to produce the same amount of food using fewer natural resources.

There is work to do when it comes to protecting our environment, and dairy plays a role. Today, the carbon footprint of a glass of milk is two-thirds less than it was 70 years ago, yet it still has the same nutritional benefits and great taste. We’ve made progress, but we’re not stopping there. We must strike a balance between human health and environmental health. The dairy community is committed to conserving natural resources and making further progress.

Watch the webinar video above to learn directly from dairy farmers and other dairy innovators about technologies and on-farm practices they use reduce food waste and greenhouse gas emissions and improve water use and quality. You can also download a PDF of the slides by clicking the button on the right.