After School Snack Ideas

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  • 2 min read August 30, 2019

The routine and bustle of the new school year is back. And it’s changes to household routines like these that offer opportunities to try new things—including after-school snacks and go-to meals.


Grabbing a cheese stick or string cheese is one option, but have you considered branching out beyond cheddar and mozzarella?

After school is the perfect time to try something new and expand your kids’ palate. Whether you want to help that picky eater in your house try something new or encourage a young foodie, cheese can help.

I went straight to the source to get tips for after-school cheese snacking: my kids, a.k.a. my Jr. Cheese Experts. My kids are probably a little more adventurous than their peers when it comes to cheese, but most of what they like we think your family will too.

My 10-year-old daughter suggests starting with brie; it is a staple at our house. It has a mild and buttery flavor with a soft creamy texture. If the white exterior, which is perfectly safe and delicious to eat, is intimidating for your kids, just cut it off and share the soft gooey center. My kids love to eat it on lightly toasted bread or with some fresh bell peppers.

My 7-year-old son really likes parmesan cheese after school. He likes its firm texture and mild but complex flavor. I’m teaching him that what he likes is the savory aged flavors and the subtle pineapple flavors that pair so well. He really likes to eat it crumbled into small pieces or shaved from the block in small thin sheets.

Another of my daughter’s favorites is aged gouda. She describes it as being sweet and cheesy, and she likes how the naturally occurring crystals crunch. Aged gouda is known to also have a nice savory and sweet flavor, with caramel flavors almost coming through. We call aged gouda “candy cheese” in our house.

Their willingness to try new cheeses has helped my daughter discover she likes creamy blue cheeses and my son to ask for mild (young) Camembert on a regular basis.

Make this a family activity to try new cheeses: Ask at your local cheese counter for something mild and complex or that has a sweet flavor finish to find something the whole family enjoys.

If you're looking for more cheese-inspired snacks for kids, give these a try: