What is in Cheese?

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  • 2 min read October 10, 2016

There's just something about cheese.

From how it makes macaroni and cheese tangy and creamy to the way it stretches as you grab a slice of pizza, cheese plays a leading role in some of our favorite foods. Brush up on your cheese knowledge below: ­


What is Cheese?

Natural cheese is made from four basic ingredients including milk, salt, a “good bacteria” and rennet, an enzyme. From there, cheesemakers can adjust the basic recipe by adding other ingredients to make all of the cheeses we know and love.


Types of Cheese

Technically, cheeses come in eight varieties (like blue, hard and soft), but odds are you know them by these names.

Chances are you’ve also heard the terms “natural cheese” and “processed cheese.” We spoke to experts to learn what these terms, and more, mean.

While we’re at it, take a moment to learn how cheese and food makers tweak the basic cheese recipe to make cheeses that work for our favorite foods – from slices of cheese that melt perfectly on a burger to creamy cheese for mac and cheese.


Where Cheese Comes From

It all starts with the milk that often comes from your local dairy farm. From there cheese companies (and some farmers) make the cheese. Find out some of the steps that go into making cheese by watching this video:



Why Cheese Can be a Nutritious Choice

Sure cheese is delicious, but it also can fit into a healthy diet pattern. Since cheese is made from milk, it offers some of the same nutrients as milk, but in different amounts (especially depending on the type of cheese). For example, many cheeses provide high-quality protein, calcium, phosphorus, niacin and vitamins B12 and A to the diet.


Common Cheese Questions Answered

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