NDC's Top 12 Recommended Resources

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  • 2 min read January 18, 2018

Here at NDC we have many resources to share, but sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start.

Here are our top 12 recommended resources:

  1. 3 Servings of Milk Delivers a Unique Nutrient Package (PDF): Did you know three cups of milk provides as much protein as four hard-boiled eggs? Learn about the nutrients milk provides with this handout.
  2. Childhood Health and Nutrition Research Conference Resources (Resource Page): From Power Points to videos, find the resources from the 2016 Childhood Health and Nutrition Research Conference here.
  3. Science Summary Resources (PDFs): Learn more about how dairy plays a role in topics like peak bone mass, Type 2 diabetes and more.
  4. Airplane Choo Choo: A Feeding Guide for Children (PDF): Every baby is unique, and this guide to suggested serving sizes can help when feeding babies.
  5. Smart Snacking for a Healthy Lifestyle (PDF): We’ve all experienced the power of refueling with a snack – here are some ideas to get started.
  6. Lactose Intolerant? 5 Things You Need to Know (Infographic): Here are five things you should know if you think you are lactose intolerant.
  7. Which Foods Have Protein? (Article): Protein is naturally found in a variety of animal and plant foods. But did you know not all protein is created equal?
  8. Nutrients in Milk, Cheese and Yogurt (Infographics): Find out how milk, cheese and yogurt contain many of the essential nutrients your body needs.
  9. 2016 US Dairy Sustainability Report (PDF): The 2016 U.S. Dairy Sustainability Report is the sixth progress report published by the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy to update stakeholders on the progress of the U.S. Dairy Sustainability Commitment.
  10. Come Visit a Dairy Farm With Me Virtually (Article & Video): Go behind the scenes of a modern dairy farm with this virtual “field trip”!
  11. Milk, Cheese and Yogurt Food Label (Infographics): While the nutrients in milk, cheese and yogurt aren't changing, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is updating how foods, including yogurt, must be labeled.
  12. Honor the Harvest (Infographic): By making smart choices and incorporating a few creative solutions, dairy farmers are finding ways to honor the harvest.

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